“YOU have a message and a story to share. It’s in you. It’s a part of your history and what you have learned. To give it away to others through the power of the written word, is to empower them with your legacy. – Michelle Robinson

We here to help you write and publish your legacy. Books never go away. They are here forever. We all have a message to tell!

Our passion is your passion. Let us help you share your story like we have hundreds of others, by bringing life to a vision you may need help articulating, and providing a step-by-step process catered to your author needs. HRS Agency creates a customized process from start to finish assisting you in our areas of expertise to include:

  • Hard cover, soft cover, e-book and audio book development
  • Strategy for your overall book concept
  • Marketing your book to the masses which includes social media and website development specifically designed for authors
  • Public relations tour and press release with some of the top media outlets in the US
  • Ghostwriter assignment with one of our best-selling writers
  • Author photography and video
  • Ongoing coaching program for writers who choose to develop their own book
  • Engaging you with worldwide, global distribution to over 35,000 online book stores
  • You retain 100% of the rights to your book
  • Set up of author portal on Amazon
  • Ongoing statement capturing for book sales and support desk for author questions

Not only have we created “Amazon Best Sellers” for so many authors, we have educated our clients on how to create their best-selling book.

First things first –

BEGIN with YOUR Publishing Strategy – Author Strategy – $3500.00

In Our Author Strategy Our team will help to:

·     Create Your Core Message, Your Signature, and a Working Title

·     Chapter Titles

·     Development and Coaching

·     Mini-Outline for Every Chapter

·     Create a Working Sub Title

·     Assign an Editor/Ghostwriter or set up ongoing coaching program

·     Timeline for Writing Deadlines and Book Release

·     Publishing, Distribution, and Marketing Options

Publishing $6497.00

● Custom Book Cover Design

● Custom Interior Layout and Design with our Amazing Design Team

● ISBN Assigned

● Library of Congress Control Number

● Barcode for Print Book

● Copyright Registration

● E-pub Conversion for E-book

● Printer Setup

● Global Distribution

·     Author retains 100% rights to the book and will be the noted author on the book.


Ghostwriting (pricing varies on word count, page count, and development process)

This includes weekly interviews, our team managing the entire project.

Package A – Your book will be written and reviewed by an

Amazon Best Selling team whose books have received excellent reviews. Our A+ writing team

has written and edited hundreds of books.

Estimated cost – $35,000.00 + (dependent on word count etc.)

Package B – Our B writing team are still excellent writers with a great skill set in editing and content creation but fewer books published than our A writing team.

Estimated Cost – $25,000.00 + (dependent on word count etc.)

Audio Book – $4500

This includes: Recording, Upload, and Distribution of your audio book.

Printing – Cost Varies on Sizing, Paper Weight, Word Count

1,000 Copies Web Press is standard minimum first order in soft cover or hard cover

Photoshoot – Author Cover Shoot, 3 outfits; Includes ½ day shoot, Color Correction and Editing 10 photos  $2500

Amazon Best-Seller: The status of Amazon Best-Seller holds more leverage than you might realize as potential readers are more likely to choose your book and having a “best-seller” title can open more doors.  Our team assists you with this process. – $7,000.00

Author Reviews – These are authentic reviews. We get a great response from most of these campaigns, but it’s important to note that we’re not guaranteeing 10 or 20, etc., reviews. We’re guaranteeing that number of reviewers “yesses”. At the end of the day, the book has to be exciting/engaging enough that the reviewer reads it, finishes it, and leaves a (hopefully good) review.

10 Yesses to do a review: $1,500.00

15 Yesses to do a review: $1,900.00

Website – $3500.00

HRS Agency looks forward to creating a professional-looking website using a customized template, including mobile optimization, SEO and e-commerce tools, as well as necessary functions to keep your website running smoothly and securely. As an author the branding function of a website is essential. We look to bringing out the best in you, presenting your new book to the world and connecting your followers to all your social platforms! We will create an easy check out function so your audience is able to quickly order and know it’s shipping their way.

Here is what to expect:

⁃ Beautifully laid out web pages not to exceed 5 pages

⁃ Content management and guidance

⁃ Social media connect ability

⁃ Email capturing

⁃ Payment processing integration (check out process)

⁃ Logo and content design

Our process is simple and the only effort required by you is filling out our questionnaire so we can streamline the process!

Author Social Media – $3500 monthly (6 month minimum agreement)

All of our social media packages include time spent growing your platform outside of just creating content. In addition to tailoring the growth of your audience we believe that authenticity is important when creating content, specific to your goals, branding, and objectives.\

Facebook and Instagram – 5 Posts per Week / 2 platforms : Includes one reel and content creation.

What this looks like when your campaign gets started: Our team will allocate time each month to broaden your reach on social media. Examples of growth campaigns include: reaching out to social media influencers and asking them to showcase your product(s); seeking out followers who have an active interest in your message; targeted advertising (budget malleable to your needs, allocated independently of the monthly management fee) and contacting podcasts, and media. In addition to these examples, we are experienced in putting together growth campaigns that pull in our clients; ideas and preferences.

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